Mastermind Group Sessions

Join a network of like-minded artists who are helping each other reach their personal goals in music production. I offer an exclusive coaching Mastermind Group, which is a group of approximately 5 to 8 people that meet up each month for an afternoon to work exclusively on the each members topics of discussion.

Details about the next session below

Each  coaching session will begin with discussing current strategies that are working well in the market place.   Afterwards each person will have time to focus on a particular subject matter, or project they are working on.

Members are allowed to bring project files, songs, or tracks in any DAW of their choice.




  • Thursday, 10th December
  • 6:00PM-8:30PM EST

Members must register for each group session before they are allowed to attend.   A 48 hour notice must be given if a member is not able to join the group session.