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wanting to finish their ideas, and turn them into fully developed songs while learning the Ableton Live workflow.

Get the training you need to finish those rough ideas, and turn them into finished songs!

Inside the Breakthrough Songwriting & Arranging Course, Grammy Nominated Producer shows you step by step how to create, and write a track from top to bottom using Ableton Live.  He will show you his current workflow when working with Major recording Artist.

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  • Are you getting frustrated with starting an idea but never finishing it?
  • Is jumping from post to post or Youtube video to Youtube video confusing you about finishing your tracks?
  • Are you looking for professional help with starting and finishing a song using Ableton Live?

Starting with a dream...

I, like you, grew up with a passion for music and dreamed about making my own music for years and years. Problem was, nothing seemed to pan out. I didn’t know anybody, songs didn’t come out sounding the way I wanted…. and frankly I was tired of the grind.

Still I knew the dream was there. Every day I woke up and it seemed like a mirage in the distance, unattainable. Friends would ask me, “Oh how’s that album doing?” And with a wistful gaze I would say “Yea, you know I’m getting it out there.”   The half-hearted smile didn’t fool anybody.

Then everything changed.

And so for YEARS I had been talking about finding my big break but I didn’t know how to do it. Now, I want to tell you what I did and what I learned. Did I go $40K into debt like my friends did going to technical schools? No. I’m sure college parties would’ve been a lot of fun but I doubt they would have been $40,000 worth of fun to me.

No, what happened to me was that I got coaching from a professional producer and mixing eningeer legend. I met Jimmy Douglass, who worked with everyone from Arethra Franklin to the Rolling Stones to Jay-Z.  He showed me how to get things to sound the way I wanted…and more importantly, how to make a living in music, not just do it as a hobby. Today I realize how important that coaching was to my career. My only wish was that I could have found it sooner, but back then there wasn’t a way to just meet someone working with big names in music. For most people it’s still a very difficult thing to do.

But now, for those like me I’ve created a shortcut...

And that shortcut can help you...
  • Rethink how you go about building a creative workflow.
  • Learn how to overcome the hurdles of finishing your ideas.
  • Learn my workflow for producing songs from top to bottom using Ableton Live.
  • Avoid the Pitfalls most people make when arranging their ideas.
  • Finally finish those ideas you have lying around on your hard drive.

How is this course structured?

  • HD Videos you will be able to access on our exclusive Membership site
  • The course walks you through ill Factor's complete Songwriting and & Arrangment workflow while working on an major label project.
  • The course focuses heavily in the Ableton Live environment. Although the lessons and principles shared in this course can be used on any platform.
  • q-iconWhat if I am brand new to the whole song writing and using Ableton? is this right for me?

    YES! this course will guide you step by step of my current mixing techniques.  I walk you through methods I am using on my projects for Major recording artist as well as commercials, films, and video games.  Wether you have been working on your music for some time now, or just getting started this will be a great investment.

  • q-iconwhat if I do not use Ableton Live?

    All the principles you will learn in this video will help you with your songwriting and arrangement workflow in Ableton live. A big portion does cover my workflow int he session view but can easily be adapted to whatever DAW you are using.  I have had plenty of Fruity loops,Pro tools, and Logic users thank me for the course material.

  • q-iconHow long would I have access to this course?

    As long as you want.  watch it anywhere at any time!

  • q-iconDo I get access to the course materials all at once or is it a monthly thing?

    You get access the moment you join the course. lots of great stuff in this course that took me a lot of time to teach and have presented.

  • q-iconWhat if this was not helpful for me at all? Is there a money back guarantee?

    I have yet to have one person ask for a refund due to this course “not being helpful”.  If you take the time to go through the course, and apply what I share, you will see a big difference in how you go about mixing your projects.  If you take the course and in twelve days still do not find it helpful in anyway then I will gladly give your money back.  Rather than spending money on a certain plugin to solve your problems why not invest in yourself and learn how to use the tools you already have,  I am actually helping you save money in the long run.  Lets get you started, join the course today!

  • q-iconWhat is so different about this course than any other Ableton Song writing course out there?

    There are tons of resources  available for you to help with your song writing and arrangement workflow. But there is only one place you can have me personally teach you how I go about mixing my projects when working with some of todays biggest artist.  I have been making a living producing music, and I do not pretend to know everything.   I just know what works, and what keeps bringing me work.  So if you have seen any of my videos or have gotten a sample of how I share my knowledge in a video format, then join the course and lets get started.

Reginald Bradford

Have been using Ableton for a minute and have taken many tutorials through Ask Audio, Producertech and Berklee College of Music. None have taught me more than illfactor's course, and his free tutorials  online.  Not only does he teach you the nuts and bolts of Ableton but more importantly he instructs you on the discipline one needs to be a successful producer.  

I discovered ill factor through a free video he posted on creating a great vocal mix and immediately signed up for his class. I have been blown away by how much I've learned in such a short amount of time. Don't wast your time and money with anyone else. He's the real deal. 

Reginald Bradford, Artist & Producer
David Hill

“Ill Factor gives a great workshop. He focuses on the Live’s ability to quickly create music and capture inspiration. He starts with nothing and builds a musical track in a just a few minutes. He’s a natural teacher and musician all at once.”

David Hill, Managerial Director of Ableton Inc.

This is Your Step by Step solution

for writing fully developed songs using Ableton Live!


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