4 ways to get over feeling like your music is not good enough.

Some things just go well together.  Peanut butter and jelly, a bagel and cream cheese, Daft Punk and Vocoders.  Other things go together, but not so great.  Like working on a track and then feeling that it just isn’t good enough.  This is how I felt when I began my career as a music producer.  I thought everything I worked on was not good enough.  Ever feel like that?


Well, here’s the good news…you are human!  This feeling is perfectly normal.  It is part of the growing pains you experience becoming the artist you are striving to become.  Be cautious.  This state of mind can hinder you from wanting to grow in your craft and can ultimately cause you to give up altogether.  Here are 4 ways to bounce back and find motivation from feeling like your music isn’t good enough:


“You are not where you want to be, but you are also not where you used to be.” -ill Factor

  1. Recognize Every Step as Progress– You have to keep in mind that a step forward is always a step forward and that means you are no longer staying still.  What I mean by this is with every track you make you are getting one step closer to reaching your potential.  What I recommend you do is find an old song you created, something you did a while back.  If you are just starting and if your “while back” is more like the present, then start logging every step of your progress.


  1.  Write It Down– Take that old track/song and A/B that to one of your most current pieces of work.  Write down one of the biggest signs of growth.  Even if it is something subtle, write it down.  Do this at least once a month, creating a progress chart or whatever works for you to measure your growth.


  1.  Keep Learning– If for a couple of months you do not notice any difference, then dedicate the next whole month to learn new methods and techniques.  Focus on learning and understanding that for the whole month you are in “learning mode.”  I am always learning, and regularly growing in my craft.  The moment you think you have nothing new to learn is the moment you stop growing and becoming a better artist.  Make this part of your regular practice.


  1. Acknowledge Successes– The key is to build self-confidence by seeing some growth with your craft. If you never take notice of your growth you will allow frustration to overwhelm you and cause you to stay idle.