How Successful Artist Break Through Their Walls Of Frustration

Most artists I talk to never really start to pursue a career in music because it was the “safe & easiest” path to take, they started because of a passion they had for music.  I have to admit this was the same story for me as well. I loved music and always knew one day I would want to produce for major recording artists.  The thing is, I never really created a plan or strategy for achieving my goals.  I would “go with the flow” and hear the same thing from so many artists I coach and mentor.

So What?

Having a passion for something is awesome and can be a powerful spark to get things going, but without the proper planning and strategies in place, that passion can fizzle out by frustration and discontentment.  If you have been trying to break through a wall of frustration over your current circumstances with your music career, then let me share with you a couple of things that might help you tear those walls down.


Real Expectations

The dream of playing on that big festival main stage and the lights beaming our name into the night sky can be a great motivation for us to keep on with our passion for music, but does it do more damage than good?  


Having a “BIG” dream is great, but couple it with an attainable goal so that you can form a realistic plan to get there.  If the gap between your dream and your current circumstances are big, then there is more room for disappointment.  For instance, if you want to play at the next big dance festival and you have never actually played at local venues or have only released about three remixes, you have a huge gap to fill between the “dream” and reality.

“Develop the habit of creating smaller attainable goals to help pave the way for the big vision you have.” – ill Factor

Develop the habit of creating smaller attainable goals to help pave the way for the big vision you have.  For example, let’s say in five years you want to hit that festival main stage.  What goals will you need to hit for year one?  Release some original music or a full length album?  Play at four local venues?  Once you have accomplished the goal for year one, you are closing the gap from dream to reality.
This also helps you from losing steam, which is frustrating and creates discontentment with your current status.  It is more encouraging to look back and see what you have been able to finish rather than looking forward with no clue where to go.  This can work for you no matter where you are with your career.  Stop.  See where you want to be.  Go create a real plan to get there using smaller step-by-step goals that will take you there.