The Pitfalls of Praise: How good accountability can save your music career.

It’s not easy being an artist and seeking to make a living from music these days.  You will sometimes feel like a doormat stepped on by so many people in the industry, sometimes even by those closest to you.  At the same time, You also run the risk of being praised, celebrated, richly rewarded, and honored.

But because artists are particularly vulnerable to praise, it’s easy to mistake someone who generally cares about your success or doesn’t.

Usually, those in your life who sincerely have your back are those who hold you accountable to having you strive to reach your very best. What I  mean by accountability is having someone who will hold you to a higher standard, rather than just give you a general pat on the back, fist pump, and the typical,

“This sounds so much better than Tiesto!”

Not having good accountability can lead you to complacency and idleness with your craft.  Not to mention, when all you hear is praise, you tend to think that everyone is on your side and you can sometimes neglect the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who are out to take advantage of your current circumstance.  

The main point is to build a good team of people that will always strive to push you to be a better artist, even if it lacks the praise you so crave.  

How can you tell from those who are out to rip you off and those who really are giving you a helping hand?  This will come with having the right expectancy.  If you are looking for praise from others, then you will be disappointed when authentic helpful criticism comes your way.  You need to begin with a humble heart to see in what ways this person can help you grow to be a better artist.  

Iron Sharpens Iron.

I try to always surround myself with those whom I can learn from, whether they are other younger than I am (because they offer a whole different culture perspective) or with more years in the game.  I want to make sure that whom I trust to help encourage me to be at my best is someone that I can take seriously.  Most important, I need to be ok with not having the praise I desire from my works in progress.  It’s ok….I still have lots to learn.

I love nothing better than sharing what I have learned with those who are eager to grow. If this sounds like you, we need to connect. Maybe start with a Strategy Session.  Click here for more details.