How to master your tracks without using anything on your master bus.

I think one of the most frequently asked question I get is…”How do you master your songs?”  It’s an important question and I don’t mean to brush it off lightly, but without going into which EQ to use and where to place your master bus compressor let me just answer that question with one word… eMastered.

What form of sorcery is this?

eMastered is an online mastering site that lets you simply drag and drop your unmastered tracks onto the site, and it will master it for you in a matter of minutes.  The concept of just uploading a file and presto!!! its mastered, does seem a bit strange but I was blown away with the results.

Trained ears doing the work for you.

There are a number of mastering sites that promise mastering for your tracks instantly, and some do a good job, but not all of them use algorithms customized by award winning mastering and mixing engineers.  The site analyzes your tracks and best matches with the algorithms that are custom made by the mastering engineers.  I have tried different styles of music everything from trap, pop, ballads, and cinematic scores and the results were very impressive.

Helpful guide for your mixes.

What I also would encourage you to do is to download the mastered version once the the site processes your file.  Then add that mastered track into your session and A/B it with your current mix.  Try and match the balance of your mix to that of the mastered version.  This will begin to create good balances in your mixes before it goes into the mastering process.  Using this service has also made it lot easier to get tracks and ideas done and have them ready to play out and see the reactions from the crowd or a great way to prep demos for people to listen to.

Check out a video below with some more info about he service and feel free to try it out for yourself.  Let me know in the comment section below your thoughts about the results your getting. You can check out the site here eMastered