7 Rules Every Artist needs to know for fan Engagement on Facebook.

Over the years of mentoring and helping artist achieve their goals with their music career, I have been asked how do you engage with fans on social media platforms to get results that really make a difference.

I want to share with you the 7 major principles of creating the right kind of culture on your Facebook platform that will richly engage your fans and help create a stronger fan base.


Rule # 1: Do not self promote 24/7

You should consider only promoting your music about 10-15% of the time.  You should be focusing more on creating a community and culture for you to engage with fans.  Have your artist page reflect more of your personality rather than your product.  Remember the goal is to create community and build up your tribe.  When you do share about your music also give a call to action and have them opt in for a chance to either download for free, and do this about 3 times a week.

Rule # 2: Less is more

Try to keep your headlines short and sweet when posting video, or pictures.  This lets the graphic do more of the speaking and allows you to leave your personal touch as well.

Rule # 3: Build up the right followers

The goal is not to have a million likes and followers, but to have the right followers engaging with you.  You will see better results with five hundred people who engage with your posts and your brand than people sitting on the sidelines not liking anything.  Do not try to buy likes and push people to become a fan of your artist page instead attract the right type of fans with your Artist DNA.

Rule # 4: No robots allowed

Make sure that you also interact with those engaging with you on your page.  Set a reminder on your phone or computer to check the page 2x a for around 15-20 minutes a day to engage with anyone who has left a comment on any of your post.  This is a good habit to keep up because facebook will keep all the post with the most engagements at the top of everyone news feed. Also be sure to clean up the page and get rid of the trolls!

Rule # 5 Be consistent

Posting just once a month really wont cut it.  You should consider scheduling post ahead of time if you a crunched for time.  Choose a day of the week in which you can create about 5-7 post, and schedule them ahead of time so that your page will have a good rhythm of posts and engagement.  You want to stay relevant and consistent.

Rule # 6 Keep it Organic

Be sure to upload your videos and pictures organically.  Instead of copying links from other websites or using the share buttons from other sites try and download the pictures and upload them directly to your page to get more organic traffic your way when people begin to share those post.  I always recommend uploading videos directly to your facebook feed and not uploading it from another platform and copying the link.

Rule # 7 Open the Gates

Consider using ads to drive traffic to your pages, specifically using the “Like page” ad which can be done for as little as $3.00 a day!  This will only be worth while if you have discovered your Artist DNA, and fine tuned who your target fanbase is.  Do not bother in running any types of ads unless you have a rock solid understanding who your micro niche audience is.

If you want my personal help with finding your Message, Your sound and Musical Purpose then lets have a strategy session I would be more than happy to help you anyway that I can.  CLICK HERE