5 great apps that can help keep you focused, and get your projects done!

I love technology (signing in my chip from Napoleon dynamite voice of course).   Apps can either be a great asset to helping us stay productive and reach our goals, or it can distract us from doing so.  I can stay focused on finish tracks, and prepping songs to be placed on projects but if Snapchat, twitter and checking Facebook stand in my way every 10min, then I wont usually get any work done.  One thing I have learned from being mentored by successful entrepreneurs was how they made sure they were  having technology work for them and not the other way around.

So I wanted to share some apps I am currently using to help me stay organized with my workflow as well as help me keep focused and productive with my time.

  1. Google Calendar:

    granted this seems so over the top obvious to have some kind of calendar app involved in your everyday workflow, but the reason why I like using the Google Calendar is because I use the Task section and input my list of things i must get done for that specific day.  Believe it or not having a list of the things you need to do that day will dramatically increase the chances of you accomplishing those things by 60%…crazy hu?
    What I do is write down a list of things I need to get done.  Then I organize them numerically by order of priority.  I might have ten things to do that day, so I will write them all down in the task column of the google calendar and arranged them by priority.  being busy is not the same as being productive.  So make sure that the time you spend is focused on exactly what needs to be done!

  2. Slack: 

    I recently just started using slack.  It is a great way to project manage especially when you are collaborating with others.  Instead of hunting down emails over a project or song I am working on with other writers, I can keep all of the ideas in just one place.  Slack allows you to create chatroom channels and invite team members to work together to meet your goals with that project.  I even use slack when mixing other artists records.  I will invite them to a channel and just go back and forth with ideas or changes they want made to the mix and having the mobile app makes it easy to be notified when changes are being made.

  3. Songsplits.com:

    This is a great way to make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to splits.  When working with others on music you need to always realized that at one point there will be an opportunity to have those works released, and when that time comes you need to make that your splits are handled correctly.  If you are not sure what I am talking about no worries I will write up another post on splits but for now just know that this is in regards to the splitting of the copyright ownership of your song.  I use https://www.songsplits.com/ to make the process effortless and it connects everyone involved in the writing process so that all of my bases are covered.

  4. Trello

    I love using Trello as my vision board, it also helps me breakdown my goals on a micro level.  Think of it as a birds eye view on all of your projects, which you can invite others to collaborate on and assign tasks too.  At first I thought it was more of an office, or corporate type of application but the more I started using it for my projects the more I started to like it.  check out a video here  trello to see what I mean.

  5. Ritetag.com

    The hard part is not getting sucked into the distracting world of social media while working, so i make sure to time block a time of day when I can schedule all of my posting.  Ritetag is a great way to schedule your post, they also include a post coach that tells you how effective your post will be and gives you the best times when to post.  This helps me to just pick a time early in the day and schedule out my social media post and keep away the distractions from the time i choose to be creative.

These are just a few apps and sites I am currently using to help keep me focused and be as productive as I can be so that I am able to bring back the value of my time.  let me know if you have had any experience with any of these sites and apps, or if you know of anything else I forgot to mention that works for you.