How to Get Over the Music Producer Blues…Dealing With The Frustrations Of A Career In Music.

The Artist Blues….is there such a thing?

I believe so, and it stems from something a bit deeper than just getting frustrated with your Digital Audio Workstation. Being an Artist, Dj, or Music Producer these days doesn’t come without its shares of ups and downs, and I am speaking from sixteen years of producing music for a living.  At the early stages of making music, I was totally happy with making beats all night, until the sun came up. I enjoyed showing my music with my close friends, with each time eager to see if they noticed any progress.  I began to transition from making tunes on my computer, to performing them out when Djing at local parties in Miami, Florida.  Things were going great until, I hit a plateau.

Thats When Discontentment Crept In.

I became frustrated with some of my efforts of trying to get my music noticed by more and more people. It led to bitterness, especially when others were striking success faster than I was.  I started taking things a bit too personal and so when things did not pan out the way I had hoped, it would lead me to bitterness towards the music industry or making music in general.

You are not alone.

I am writing this for anyone who is going through the same thing, at this moment in their life.  I writing this to encourage you, to let you know that you are not alone. This happens to the best of us.  Things don’t always work out in linear terms as we think they should.“Do A for the promise of B”.  There are tough times and big mountains to climb over which makes reaching the top that much more worth it.

Looking back, I can now pin point why I struggled so much during those early years of my career.  I had lost site of why I started making music in the first place, and that started me down a path of being disappointed and frustrated with the whole process.  One thing you should always place at the focus is answering the big WHY question.  I know it can get a bit fuzzy because music is such an amazing art form.  It can express the emotions of our soul in which no words can ever do.  So we usually all start making music out of the simple love of music. Very rarely do i meet someone who says “I started making music because I knew I could get rich doing it”

The hurdle we sometimes face is chasing after what we are passionate about, and being able to follow that passion to make a living.

So how do we get out of this funk? One thing that has helped me, is to get back in touch with the WHY question (I mentioned above). Figuring out your purpose and what message to share with the rest of the world.  Having a message can really help get you over those moments that make you wanna throw in the towel.  A recent passion of mine has been to pour into the lives of Artist, Djs, and Music Producers to help them achieve their dreams with their music.  its why i started this blog, hold my coaching sessions, etc.  That purpose is what gets me moving and keep me focus on what I should be investing my time and energy into rather than following the current of what is currently the trend to do.

So What’s Next?

Just as I mentioned before, you probably started making music because you love music!  I get that, but now try to focus on what your message is. What is  YOUR voice in this crowed world? What is YOUR Musical Purpose?  If you grew up in a broken home and wish to bring hope to those going through that same tragedy, then your musical purpose ties into writing music that can uplift and  encourage those going through those moments in life.   Your focus is now turned away from trying to sell a million copies of your album, and into fulfilling that purpose.  When this becomes the center of your creative process it can help get through those moments of discontentment and keep your eyes fixed on the real goal at hand.  Just recently I have helped an artist align his music with a non for profit organization that helps feed starving children in Haiti.  Before then he was just making music just to make it, but now he feels like he’s apart of something bigger than him and is excited about reaching new heights.

Maybe this could be a direction you might want to head in as well. It could work, maybe it won’t, but find the Why in why you make music and you will find the motivation to go through the bitter moments.

If you want my personal help with finding your Message, Your sound and Musical Purpose then lets have a strategy session I would be more than happy to help you anyway that I can.