Songwriting Strategies: 3 Ways To Boost Your Workflow.

So your gear is on, you got your snacks ready and your jamming to some tunes online, when all of the sudden your inspired with a great idea.  You hurry and open up whatever program you use to work on and you begin looking for the right sounds.  In a hurry you just browse and pick any patch and try your best to just get the idea down but you get sidetracked and begin to get lost with editing patches, Setting up midi preferences, or browser hunting for loops, and then that great idea begins to slip away.  Has this ever happen to you?  It has happen to me countless of times, it’s all part of the process of being an artist.  But there are some things you can do to help boost your work flow which will help capture those great moments.

  1. Better Saved Than Lost.

I usually keep a microphone plugged in and ready to record at all times in my studio.  This helps me just hum or sing the melody I have in my head or even just verbally describe the idea, and get it down before it escapes me.  You can use about any type of analog or digital recording device to capture your ideas.   I strongly recommend you have one in your work space, or a portable one to take with you.  Now a days, any smart phone comes with a voice recorder app that can be used for this purpose, I use mine a lot.  The goal is to get the idea down, it might be bad or a hit single but at least you get in the habit of getting everything down.


  1.  Templates And Folders

Although this might seem like a no brain-er you would be surprised how many people are not taking advantage of creating templates to help boost their work flow.  I personally don’t make different templates for different types of situations, for example: Some software’s come with templates for recording a live band, and it will start the session up with twenty audio tracks and some plug-ins.   Or some might just start with a small amount of Midi tracks in case you want to just program some midi.  I just focus on one template with the tools I personally need to hit the ground running.  This can save you lots of tinkering time, and get you ready to record that great idea you have floating around.  Make a folder with all of your go to sounds,loops,and Effects and save or bookmark that folder in your program.  This will also help with your work flow and allow you to navigate through your projects much more quickly.


  1.  Time Management.

One of the most important ways to boost work flow is time management.  Setting aside the right time of day can make a huge difference to how you go about creating your music.   If you get into the habit of blocking off a specific time during the day or week, just to focus on music production, then you will begin to see tremendous growth in your creativity.    Sometimes our busy schedule and the stressful demands of everyday life can leak into our time of creativity, causing writers block, and turning you off to wanting to write at all.  That is why it is so important to dedicate a certain block of time that everything else shuts off and your music production turns on.  You don’t have to be very rigid about your production schedule, but have a specific schedule and goal in mind for when you want to work, it will make a big difference in your work flow.