How Facebook’s New Video Service Could Help Build A Healthy Fanbase

Facebook’s recent announcement that it would be starting testing of live video sharing is good news for Indie Artist, and Music Producers, as it represents an opportunity to connect with fans in real-time on a platform that may be even easier for fans to access than Twitter’s Periscope.

Where You Been?

If you have been living under and MPC200XL for the past couple of years you might not know about the big surge of people jumping onto video streaming platforms such as Vine, Periscope, MeerKat and now Facebook.  These platforms should be the first place an Artist should move towards to take their tribe building to the next level.

Who Should Care?

If you have been to any of my workshops or Exclusive Coaching Sessions you know that I am all about building a healthy and strong Tribe,  Its one of the top priorities for any artist even for a Music Producer. Having a healthy Tribe is focused on having a healthy group of followers that see the value of your content and want to support you to deliver more of it.

Last week, Facebook announced that it was beginning to test live video sharing on the social platform. The test, which targeted “a small percentage of people in the U.S. on iPhones” marked the beginning of live video streaming on Facebook for average Joes and Janes — a departure from Live for Facebook Mentions verified-public-figures-only schtick. This is great news for indie artists who might not have previously had the opportunity to get verified and like the idea of engaging with their fans in real-time.

So what Does This Mean For The “Indie Artist”.

I always like to focus on the small then build my way up form there.  Think of just five fans of your music that you can reach out to and invite them to a special video stream of some work in progress and have them join in on the creative process.

Nothing builds trust and favor more with a fan than knowing you appreciate their voice and truly treasure it. they will stand by your side for quite sometime.

You can also perform covers and have your fans vote for which ones to do and do a weekly video stream of that cover for that week. this helps build constancy and allows them to be a part of the experience as well.

I love this quote from Jenn Schwartz

No matter which app you prefer, it’s hard to deny live streaming’s increasing relevance and importance as a campaign asset. The immediacy and intimacy of it connects fans and artists like no other form of live chat or premiere can. And in an increasingly overcrowded, competitive industry, it commands fans’ attention at a moment’s notice — an increasingly valuable commodity. If you’re still asking yourself whether it’s worth live streaming on Twitter, I’d say to test it out and let the buzz speak for itself — live.

What are your thoughts on this?  Feel free to leave a comment below