The #1 thing any Dj on this planet must do is…

From my years of experience working with many Dj’s, and Artist I can honestly tell you that there is nothing more important for any Dj to do than REMIXING/COVERS.  Seems obvious doesn’t it.  But you will be so surprised of how many djs, producers and artist neglect this very important element for the sake of putting out their very own material out there first.

Lets begin with the basics.

Sometimes WHAT you remix is more important than HOW you remix it.

Relevance is key here.  Lets say you have this crazy itch to remix the theme song to one of your favorite childhood cartoons.  Suddenly your thinking “Awesome I finally get to release my ultimate Ninja Turtles theme song dubstep remix” and while that might go well with your inner childhood and a couple of your buddies, no one is really on the hunt for that specific song at the moment.
You always want to be in the thick of the action.

 Try checking out new releases that are trending well, (remember new music comes out every Tuesday)

For example…Drake just released a brand new single on Tuesday, so it should be your primary focus to crank out a remix(bootleg or not) at least by that coming weekend, and here is why.  When people are currently searching Youtube to listen to the new song, your remix can take advantage of the trending searches and pop up on the first page of the search results, giving you a great shot of getting new traffic to your music and building a good fan base.

Its all about timing!

Being able to jump on the buzz off a new release, can differently help build new followers and fans that will be interested to hear what else you got going on.  So making this a bi-weekly or monthly habit helps build constancy which in return will build trust with your new found fans and having them value your content much more.

Not just for Dj’s But Artist too.

ARTIST, and Musicians can take the same exact approach as well.  Actually it might be even easier for a singer/song writer or a musician to do a cover of a relevant new release to also build their fan base. One word of advice for those out there doing covers.

Make them Special…Make them Your Own.

Make each cover your very own giving it a unique twist.  And try to think out of your comfort zone.  If your a Country Artist, try doing a Hip hop artist’s new release mashed up with another artist that inspires you.  Showcasing the contrast between those two worlds makes a much more lasting impact.  This really gives people an opportunity to get to know the real you, because they are already so familiar with the song’s original performance.

A Remix/Cover once every Blood Moon!

Congrats you followed through with what I said and remixed a current chart topper! The problem is you did it almost half a year ago.  Consistency is so important here, seriously.  You can build a routine of dropping a remix or cover once a month and use the weeks building up to it as teasers and behind the scenes blog and fan updates with what your doing to create content throughout the weeks so you can stay fresh in your new audiences mind.