Music Marketing Mastery

How to produce your music AND profit from it.  This 3 module course will walk you step by step on how to build a fanbase and have the right system in place to begin making a living from your music.

Welcome to Module 1

Module 1 lessons 1-4

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Video 1: What is the right system to have to make a living from your music?

Action Steps for video 1:

  • Grab a pen and paper.  Write down the current biggest obstacle that is standing in your way of releasing your music?
  • Now, write down your sals funnel goal.  How many new fans are you trying to reach using this system this coming year,month, etc?  Use the S.M.A.R.T goal method to break down how to get that goal accomplished.
  • ****Using the smart method again write down your goal here:****In a year from now what exactly do you want to see accomplished with your music career?Lets use the **S.M.A.R.T** Method to really break down how to accomplish our goals.

    **S** = **Specific**: Make sure you do not settle for broad goals like "I want to release my music" go deeper and nail down exactly what it is you will focus on accomplishing in a year from now. I.e *"I want to release an album of 11 songs and have have an email database of at least 1,000 fans"*

    **M** = **Measurable**: Make sure it is measurable and that is exactly what we are doing now making sure that this gets done within a Year. Once we lock down a year goal we will break it down to smaller micro goals like the 6 month goal and the 3 month goal all the way down to *"what can I do today that will help me accomplish my 3 month goal that will return help get to my 6 month etc."*

    **A** = **Achievable**: Make sure the goal is challenging but yet achievable.

    **R** = **Relevant**: Make sure this 1 year go is relevant to your big picture Goal. No sense in wanting to learn how to cook roast beef if your big picture goal is to play on stage of a big music festival.

    **T** = **Time bound**: Making sure you are putting in a time management system to keep track of reaching your goals.

Video 2: Laying down the right foundation using your Autoresponder to connect with new fans

Action Steps for video 2:

Video 3: Setting up your campaigns and Sequences (Aweber & Mailchimp)

Building your Sequence with Mail Chimp

Action Steps for video 3:

  • Schedule a day of the week in which you can devote some time to hash out emails, and content.
  • Create Your Welcome email this week.  This should be a simple email thanking them signing up and include a link to download their free gift/opt in. (more on the opt in offer in video 4)
  • Search your current inbox and find those emails that really lured you in, caught your attention.  Open them and take a look at how they have their's structured and take notes on how you can implement it for your sequences.
  • Use the following link to begin your free account with Mailchimp

Video 4: Creating Your Irresistible Offer & How to Delivery it

Action Steps for video 4:

  • Write down at least 3-4 things that you can bundle up as a I.F.O (Irresistible, Free, Offer).  Think outside the box and be creative include wallpaper art secret songs etc.  Do not just settle to give away one song.

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Module 1 (lessons 1-4) |   Module 2 (5-8)   | Module 3 (10-12)

Bonus Artist Development Lessons

How to connect with your audience in just 30 seconds.