Music Marketing Mastery

How to produce your music AND profit from it.  This 3 module course will walk you step by step on how to build a fanbase and have the right system in place to begin making a living from your music.

Module 3

Module 3 Videos 10-12

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Video 9: Finding and knowing your super niche target audience.

Action Steps for video 9:

  • Answer the questions that were shared in this video, and compare your answers to the responses you get from those you are asking.
  • Get really specific with your Fan Avatar.  The more details you can put down the better you can target them in the next video session.

Video 10: Reaching new and undiscovered fans, without breaking the bank.

Action Steps for video 10:

  • Before choosing to boost post or create an Add campaign.  Choose to boost likes for your artist page first.  Begin building the right traffic to your page from the right audience.
  • You should be watching your ad campaigns and monitoring how they are performing.  If you see that your average cost per click is going above $0.27 then pause it and try other pictures or different headers.  This is all about testing to see what is really going to work best.
  • Click here to read the 7 Things you should be doing when posting on Facebook

Video 11: How to convert a regular fan to a loyal tribe member!

Video 12:  Falling through the cracks... Some of the Frequently Asked Questions about this system

Module 1 (videos 1-4) |   Module 2 (5-8) |   Module 3 (9-12)