Music Marketing Mastery

How to produce your music AND profit from it.  This 3 module course will walk you step by step on how to build a fanbase and have the right system in place to begin making a living from your music.

Module 2

Module 2 Videos 5-8

Video 5: The moment of truth.  The most IMPORTANT part of the puzzle!

Action Steps for video 5:

  • Be sure to follow the examples given in video 5 Use this link to start a Free 30day trial of Instapages
  • If using your pre existing web site make sure to have the opt in page/ squeeze page set up as displayed in the video
  • You can also take advantage of services like To have someone create all this for you for just $5USD

Video 6: How to capture new leads from Live Performances.

Action Steps for video 6:

  • If you are a performing artist, write down five things you can do to capture leads/ name and email at your shows?
  • Think of two types of examples given in the video how you can capture new leads from live shows.

Video 7: How to drive traffic to your new system, and where do you find new traffic.

Action Steps for video 7:

  • Create for yourself a consistent schedule in which you can prepare your lead generating content, i.e covers, or remixes.  Try picking a day of the week that you block off time to focus on always deliver content.
  • Consider using Tubebuddy to have as a helpful tool to optimize your videos.
  • Write down channels and other artist that are driving a good amount of traffic to their videos, and take note of their most popular videos and see what seems to be working best for them and find your niche with your content delivery.
  • Use to get ideas of what is currently trending on searches

Video 8:

Action Steps for video 8:

  • Be sure to visit the following links to use as widgets to help connect your media platforms to boost opt-ins for follows,Likes, or email exchange.  any one of these links can help: ToneDen / Unlock.Fm /
  • Every track/Song you release should always have a purpose behind it.  Use the song as a bridge for your new fans to cross over and get to know you better.  Always have a path for the new listener of any of your releases to follow so if they are listening on soundcloud, use a widget to have them download for free for exchange of an email or follow etc.
  • You can also consider making "Behind the scenes" exclusive of the song you are release and making them available to the listener once they opt in for it

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