Breakthrough Vocals

Grammy nominated music producer ill factor shares with you his vocal production techniques he learned from working with some of today's biggest recording artist.


Welcome to Module 2

Module 2 will focus mainly on the recording process of capturing great vocals.  This is where ill Factor shares his techniques for vocal stacking, doubling, editing and tuning the vocals.  Be sure to pause the videos and follow along using your DAW platform.

Module 2 lessons 6-13

Video 6: Creating the right Process.

Video 7: Pop Vocal arrangement & Vocal stacking

Video 8: Vocal Stacking

Video 9: Setting up the project for optimal vocal routing

Video 10: Getting the vocal timing just right

Video 11:  The art of vocal tuning

Video 12:  The art of vocal tuning pt 2

Video 13:  Adding Harmonies.

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