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Grammy nominated music producer ill factor shares with you his vocal production techniques he learned from working with some of today's biggest recording artist.


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Video 1: The #1 Essential for recording great vocals

Action Steps for video 1:

  • Write down on a sheet of paper 3 to 5 things that inspire you to get focused in your workflow.  Use this to create ways to help you get in the right mindset for recording your own vocals.
  • Be sure to also use this same method when collaborating with others

Video 2: The biggest mistake made when choosing where to place your mic.

Action Steps for video 2:

  • Make sure you follow the instructions in the video when it comes to mic placement.

Video 3: Hardware Setup Essentials

Video 4:  Just how loud should you be recording your vocals? Proper gain staging.

Action Steps for video 4:

  • Setup your DAW to rec enabled an audio track and practice finding your setup sweet spot to properly record your vocals with the right levels.

Video 5:  How to optimize your vocal performances & Daily Exercises.

Action Steps for video 5:

  • Most untrained singers make the mistake of using the neck, jaw, and throat muscles to power their voice. This only leads to burnout and vocal fatigue. The way to support your voice is with your breath and your diaphragm.
  • The diaphragm (a large hand shaped muscle housed inside your ribcage), when you breath “diaphragmatically,” moves down pulling air deeper into your lungs. The first step is getting your diaphragm to drop. Breath control is a coordination of several things – this is how I start with all of my students.
  • 1. Deeper diaphragm movement – getting the diaphragm to drop down requires breathing down into the belly, back, and sideways into the ribcage instead of up into the chest. As you breathe, imagine a big hand in the center of your body moving down as you inhale.
  • 2. Breath Control during singing – not letting all the air go out at once. A quick technique I use is “imagine a candle in front of your mouth and try not to blow it out when you sing.”
  • 3. Alignment is key. If your alignment is off, you will not be able to control the breath. To check your alignment, stand against a door with your feet about a foot from the door. Lean into the door, pressing your entire spine, lower back, and head against the door, trying to lengthen the back of your neck against the door. Breathe – and as you exhale, press against the door, lengthening your spine from bottom to top. This stretches out your alignment for singing correctly. Do for 5 minutes a day to correct alignment.
  • Inhale for 10 counts and exhale for 15 for 7–10 repetitions. Inhale through the mouth as if you are sipping air through a small straw (but silently) and exhale with a steady hissing sound. Try to keep the volume of the hiss at a medium volume – and at the same volume – all the way through the counts.


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    I created a buyers guide to help with getting the most bang for your buck when ti comes to the gear you will need for recording vocals.

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