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Let me ask you some questions...

    • Do you sometimes struggle with eq and compression, and also getting the vocals to sit well in the mix?
    • Struggling with Vocal timing and pitch issues?
    • Find it hard to have your stock effect plugins get the sound you are looking for with your vocals?
    • Finding it hard to add life and character to your vocal performances?
    • Want to understanding completely the decision making process that goes into vocal compression?
    • Are you getting frustrated with the time it takes you to get a decent sounding vocal, only to be disappointed with the results after comparing it to a mixed and mastered song?

    If You Answered "Yes" To Any of These Questions, Then You Need Breakthrough Vocals.

    Don't go at it alone...

    When I started producing my own music, working with vocals was my biggest problem.  I knew I had to add compression, EQ, and maybe some effects, but the more plugins I used, the more disappointed I became with the results.  I tried searching for answers on blog post after blog post and spending endless hours combing through “how-to” videos, which only left me more confused.  

    The problem with learning how to work with vocals these days: there’s no plan for you to follow, just a bunch of fragmented tips, but great vocal production isn’t just a combination of tips.  It’s a methodical plan. It has steps. It has a flow- a strategy!

    So many of us home studio owners are sitting alone reading post after post and watching one YouTube video after another with no real vision or direction when it comes to getting radio-ready vocals.

    It took me years of working side-by-side with some of the most talented industry professionals to learn the strategy of getting professional sounding vocals.  I was able to look over their shoulders, copy their methods, and put them into practice to finally get the results I had been looking for.  I was fortunate enough to have these professionals mentor me.  Not everyone has that opportunity and most go through years of producing their music alone with no one to invest in them.


    The good news for YOU is that you can skip all of the years of frustration going at it alone and get the professional coaching you're looking for by taking my Breakthrough Vocal online course.

    Breakthrough Vocals is my flagship vocal production course.  It’s the way I would teach you if you came over to my studio for an afternoon and I trained you one-on-one.

    I literally take a real session of an artist I have worked with (recorded in simple bedroom studio, not some pro studio) and show you how I produce and mix the vocals from start to finish.

    I show you EVERYTHING.

    You will literally see each move, plugin setting, and strategy along the way. I don’t skip a thing or do any editing “off camera”. I put it all out there for you to see and learn.

    If you’ve ever wanted someone to give you step-by-step instruction for professional vocal production, this is it.

    In Breakthrough Vocals, I show you exactly what it takes to get the vocal sound you are looking for, including how to:

    • Know practical ways to help you or the artist you are working have the right mindset to capture the best possible vocal performance, instead of spending hours of editing vocals to create the "right" take.
    • To record your vocals professionally using your current microphone setup and how to treat your acoustic environment, to get the best possible quality recordings
    • Understand how some of today's biggest pop vocal arrangements are done, this will help take your listener on a dynamic journey through out your song.
    • Have a blueprint for editing, tuning, harmonizing, and arranging your vocals to bring life into your productions and allow for the best vocal performance.
    • Have an understanding of why and when to apply compression and EQ to create the right tone and shape for your vocals.
    • Know how to find the right blend, and balance to have your vocal sit just right in the mix, and have the world ready to hear your projects.

    Here is what people have to say about the course so far.

    I´m totally satisfied with your work. And the best is, it´s working!  Originally as a university trained sound engineer and guitar player i am currently working for around 20 years as a radio manager. At the time with the national radio station in Germany with the name Deutschlandfunk.  For my own training and just to have fun, i tried to produce myself, first with my old band, and than as as arranger, singer and producer. Your courses together with Ableton (and my experience with protools) an my singing skills, helped me to produce music on a very high level.

    - Juergen, Course Member

    I absolutely love the breakthrough vocals program! I just recently watched the video in the first section regarding vocal technique and I really like how you explain everything! It definitely helped me with breath control and taking deeper breaths and how to do that as well.

    - Noah Wolf , Course Member

    I am currently working my way through your 'Vocal Breakthrough' course. It is making a BIG difference....I'm learning a lot!

    - Steve Bennett, Course Member

    Anyone asking about a vocal course, take his vocal course - best $ I have ever spent!

    - BIREN PATEL, Course Member

    Still Wondering If Breakthrough Vocals Is For You?

    This Checklist Should Help…

    • "Breakthrough Vocals" is for you if you know your song is great, but your vocals isn't sounding as well as you would like.
    • "Breakthrough Vocals" is for you if you have a hard time capturing a great vocal performance.
    • "Breakthrough Vocals" is for you if you're looking for professional help with your vocals from someone who is making a living from producing music?
    • "Breakthrough Vocals" is NOT for you if are not serious about getting professional sounding vocals in your projects.
    • "Breakthrough Vocals" is NOT for you, if you do not want to take the time to implement the lessons you will learn during this course.
    • "Breakthrough Vocals" is NOT for you, if you rather figure out how to get radio ready vocals on your own.


    Grammy Nominated Music Producer

    Ivan Corraliza professionally known as ill Factor has been producing music for more than sixteen years working on projects such as;

    Matis Yahu, Justin Timberlake, Skylar Grey, Ginuwine, Kelly Rowland, Kevin Rudolf, Cher, Cody Simpson, Cobra starship, Jared Evan, Jason Durelo, Jessie J, Natasha Bedinfield, Daniel Bedinfield, Groove Armada, Calvin Harris, Roisin Murphy, Howie D(Back Street Boys), Jordan Knight(New Kids On The block), Kate Moss, Songs featured on Pete Tong's & Annie Mac's BBC radio show, and that is just to name a few.

    Here are a few insights shared in this course from ill Factor's past projects.


    What I learned from working with Sia is the power of confidence.  Being confident of who you are as an artist plays a big role in capturing the right vocal performance.  Pitch issues can always be fixed later in the mix, but nothing can give a vocal the right attitude, and character to bring the project to life.

    Kelly rowland

    Working with the super talented Kelly Rowland I learned the importance of vocal arrangement, and how it plays a big part of taking the listener on a journey.  All of the details that go into her vocals in each session makes a world of difference.

    Jimmy Douglass (Grammy Award Mixing Engineer)

    Jimmy Douglass is a legend in the music industry he has mixed so many artist that have shape the world of music we hear today.  Being mentored by him has given me the ability to see the importance of balance when it comes to producing and mixing vocals.  Using compression in a way that allows the vocal to both feel natural but present.

    Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

    • q-iconWhat if I am brand new to the whole concept of recording vocals? is this right for me?

      YES! this course will guide you step by step of my current vocal record and mixing techniques.  I walk you through methods I am using on my projects for Major recording artist as well as commercials, films, and video games.  Wether you have been working on your music for some time now, or just getting started this will be a great investment.

    • q-iconDo I need Ableton Live in order to get the most value from this course?

      All the principles you will learn in this video will help you with your vocal recording, arrangement and mixing process no matter what DAW you are using.  I have had plenty of Fruity loops, Pro tools, and Logic users thank me for the course material.

    • q-iconHow long would I have access to this course?

      As Long as you want! You can watch it at anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a member account you can access the material.  Please keep in mind our videos are hosted by a third party provider such as vimeo and it may sometimes not be available for those living in certain countries.

    • q-iconWhat if this was not helpful for me at all? Is there a money back guarantee?

      I have yet to have one person ask for a refund due to this course “not being helpful”.  If you take the time to go through the course, and apply what I share, you will see a big difference in the quality of your vocals.  If you take the course and in twelve days still do not find it helpful in anyway then I will gladly give your money back.  Rather than spending money on a certain plugin to solve your problems why not invest in yourself and learn how to use the tools you already have,  I am actually helping you save money in the long run.  Lets get you started, join the course today!

    • q-iconWhat is so different about this course than any other Vocal Production course out there?

      There are tons of resources  available for you to help with your vocal production. But there is only one place you can have me personally teach you how I go about vocal production when working with some of todays biggest artist.  I have been making a living producing music, and I do not pretend to know everything.   I just know what works, and what keeps bringing me work.  So if you have seen any of my videos or have gotten a sample of how I share my knowledge in a video format, then join the course and lets get started.

    • q-iconWhat will happen immediately after I complete my registration?

      A: After you submit your order, an email will be sent with your login details.  Please be sure to check your spam folders as well This is how you’ll access the members area, which is where you’ll find all of the video content. You will also receive an email confirmation of your purchase for your records.

    • q-iconWhy should I invest in this training today as opposed to waiting until later?

      This promotion will end shortly and you will no longer be able to take advantage of this incredible offer. But more importantly, why would you want to wait? Get better sounding radio ready vocals today!

    • q-iconWhat if I do not usually work with vocals in my music?

      Not every track or musical composition will need vocals.  But the majority of commercialized music that gets used in the sync film and tv advertising world will need vocals to be included to carry the message of that particular brand or moment.  You will eventually come across an opportunity to collaborate with a vocalist rather than waiting for that time to finally know how to get the vocals to sound great, invest in your self now.

    More plugins and more gear will not guarantee you better sounding vocals.  The only way to see that kind of improvement is to learn a better method and implement it in your projects. Breakthrough Vocals is that plan.

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