Biggest mistakes music producers make

The 1 Thing I Wish I Did, Before Starting To Produce My Music.

I can not tell how many times I wished for a flux capacitor to turn my car into a time machine, and go back to when I started making music and give my young self some advice about what is up ahead.  How many of us long to turn back to a moment in time just to drop a golden nugget of wisdom to our past selves.  Well consider this video a flux capacitor, and the information I share in this video could help you head down the right path to achieving your GOALS. I am about to share with you the one thing I wish I started doing when trying to get my career in music going.

Sneak Peak

This video is a clip is from one of my Music Producer Boot Camps, a Live Team Coaching Session I do in Miami Florida.  I hold an exclusive private coaching experience for about 6-8 people (all by application only) to go through some serious training on how to become a better music producer, artist, or DJ and essentially make a living from their music.  If you are interested in attending my next  Boot Camp be sure to let my assistant know by CLICKING HERE.  Enjoy!