Cracking The Adele Code: 3 Things to Learn From Her 3.8 Million Album Sales on her First Week

Adele’s 25 keeps breaking records and has now 1.1 million U.S. album sales in its second week of release, making it the only album in Nielsen SoundScan history (since 1991) to sell at least one million copies in two separate weeks.  The album’s sales comprised 41% of all U.S. album sales this week; 37.7% of all CD Album sales and 47.9% of all Digital Album sales .-

In other words, HOLY MOLY! thats amazing to hear in a time when the Industry as a whole has been bleeding numbers and sales.

But what Does This Mean For The Rest Of Us?

There are three things I want to spend time talking about which I hope will inspire and encourage you to think differently about how you go about promoting and even marketing your music.

1. It Can Still Happen

The first thing we can learn from this release is that it is still very much possible!  Yup, even at a time where music is so easily accessible to everyone who chooses to just listen to your music for free on YouTube or anywhere else for that matter it is still possible to sell your music.  Now, I know what your thinking “dude it’s Adele we are talking about here…She is a freaking huge superstar of course she sold units!”  Yes I get that but, what I am drawing from this is, if people truly value your content and resonate with your message then people will invest in it.  The number of people on the internet with access to music has no doubly grown to the biggest it has ever been, so we can use those numbers in our advantage.  All you really need to focus on and think about is just reach Ten people with your music, and focus on having a real impact with them.  I saw this as a clear sign of hope to the Independent artist more than the Majors Why?  Because believe it or not Adele is considered to be signed with an Indie Label, XL Records.

I also take this to be the perfect time to get your music out there because there has been no greater, and easier time to do so, it all just depends on how you go about doing it!

2. If Your Faithful With A Little You Can be Faithful with a Lot

Adele keeps a low profile.  She hardly does big grandiose shows, most of her performances are small intimate stages which makes the world desperate to be a part of what she has going on.  Spend the time to make the fans you currently have feel like there on that small stage with you. If you spend the time to build a healthy Fanbase with just Ten people, I mean really spend the time to nurture those relationships you will find Ten people who will buy your music.  and if you don’t like the smallness of that number then all you need to know is with 1,000 fans spending $100 over the course of a year will = $100,000 a year.  Not too shabby right.

3. Tell Them Where To Go

Adele sold her album because she simply told people too. “Nope I don’t want you to stream it for free, you can only buy it as a whole album from x,y,z.”  You are in charge of how your fans hear and enjoy your content.  To Many artist rush to comply with the norm of having your product up on spotify itunes etc.  The goal should always be creating exclusive outlets that will release your content.  The Film Industry does this very well with a marketing tools called windowing.  Windowing is when a Film can only be seen on the Big screen an exclusively there and no where else for the first three months of the release of the Film.  then they will move onto hard copies of dvd or blue ray for another three to four months, then they will make a deal with the current streaming platforms.

We need to apply the same framework with our products we first spend time building the fan base, then we only have an exclusive window to showcase it on a site or location of your choosing and have that happen for the first 3-4months etc.

My biggest take away from the refreshing news of Adele breaking the record, is that it proves to us that with the right mind set and refocus and thinking outside of the traditional format of the way we consume music we can be very surprise with the results we get with our content.

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